The program runs for 9 weeks from May 29, 2017 through July 28, 2017.

The REU program will start with a one-day orientation that includes a welcome presentation from CS faculty members, a campus and city tour, and a brief introduction of the research projects. During the remaining four days of the 1st week, we will have an accelerated short course that introduces the concepts, techniques, and important algorithms for REU projects and also provide a 2-hour lecture on research ethics. On the last day of the 1st week, the faculty mentors will present the REU projects in a greater detail, discuss the necessary project background and help the students choose their research projects. During the first two days of the 2nd week, we will guide the students in conducting in-depth literature reviews based on the projects selected, and the students will prepare proposals for their research projects. During the remaining three days of the 2nd week, the students will present their proposed research plan, and the faculty mentors and other REU participants will provide comments. Then the REU students will refine their research plan and carry out the project development fulltime from the remaining days of the 2nd week to the end of the 8th week. We will conduct a variety of activities to ensure the quality and progress of the projects and to enhance faculty-student interaction and student-student communication. These activities include faculty office hours, weekly individual meetings, weekly group meetings, career mentoring, a seminar series, professional meeting attendance, social events, and field trips. The last (9th) week will be devoted to project delivery, including comprehensive project report writing, group presentation preparation, and the final project demonstration. Those students who produce promising results will be encouraged to submit their reports to peer-reviewed conferences and journals. The faculty mentors of the REU summer program will continue to advise the projects they advised in the summer.


Join us at North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT) for a cutting-edge undergraduate research experience in cyber identity!

The digitization of our lives has increased the need to establish safer and more secure ways to provide accurate identification for all kinds of online transactions. Identity theft intimidates the growth of e-commerce and the provision of financial and government services online. A more comprehensive approach is required to protect personal information, including consumer education, innovative technology tools, accountable business practices, a strong governmental framework, law enforcement engagement and increased victim support. The state-of-the-art approaches used to manage online identities cannot endure the increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks from expert attackers. Further research is required to securely control online identity by enhancing interoperability and providing end users more direct control over their digital identity.

Our 2017 summer REU program is open to undergraduates in computing and offers the following:

  • Summer research experience in cyber identity.
  • Paid stipend, housing, meals, and travel.
  • Excellent professional development and social activities

Students are encouraged to apply ASAP.