Research Interest

  • Cyber Identity
  • Biometrics  and Biometric based Cyber Security
  • Deep Learning
  • Big Data and Data Science
  • Machine Learning 
  • Information Fusion
  • Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Computer Vision
  • Applications of Game Theory


Research Projects: 

  • Network Data Analytics(PI)
  • Ensemble And Neural Network Topological Evolution For Touch-Based Authentication(PI)
  • Secure, Privacy Enhanced and Trustworthy Cyber Identity Framework(PI)
  • NSF REU Site on Cyber Identity (PI)
  • Multispectral Iris Recognition using Evolutionary Game Theory (PI)
  • Multifactor Active Cloud Authentication (Iris, Face) (PI)
  • Swipe Pattern Detection [Smartphones and Tablets] (PI)
  • Biometric based cyber security (Co-PI)
  • Author Identification(PI)

Program Chair/Co-Chair

  • ICMLC 2015 (Program Chair)
  • 26th MAICS 2015 (Program Chair)
  • IEEE CICS 2018 symposium (Special Session Chair)

Program Committee Member

  • IEEE CICS 2018 symposium, Organizing special session on Computational Intelligence in Identity Ecosystem.
  • ICPR 2018
  • IFIP CIIA 2018
  • IEEE Big Data Service 2018
  • IEA 2018
  • ICIAR 2017
  • ICIAR 2016
  • ICB 2016
  • IEEE Workshop on Insight on Eye Biometrics 2015
  • IEEE Seventh International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS 2015)
  • International Workshop on Recent Advances in Digital Security: Biometrics and Forensics, 2015, Italy
  • International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, Nigara Falls,Canada, 2015
  • IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Sweden 2014            
  • International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing, Toronto, Canada, 2014.
  • International conference on communication systems and computational intelligence, Toronto, Canada, 2014. 
  • International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, 2013


Section Editor:

  • Journal of Pattern Recognition Research


Associate Editor:

  • International Journal of Cognitive Biometrics



Editorial Board Member

  • International Journal of Biometrics
Review Activities

Conference Articles:
  • ICPR 2010, 2014,  ICIAR 2012, 2013, 2015   BTAS 2015, BioFor 2015
Journal Articles:
  • Pattern Recognition  Elsevier, Signal Processing Elsevier, Information Sciences, Elsevier, IEEE  Transactions on Information Forensics & Security, IET Image Processing, Journal on Computing and Informatics (CAI), Eurasip Journal of Advances on Signal Processing, International Journal on Pattern Analysis and Applications Journal (Springer), International Journal on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Journal, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Part A, B, C


Media Coverage

Concordia University Journal (Concordia University Now): Great Grad Story (Was Selected as a Concordia Great Grad)