Cyber Identity and Biometrics (CIB) Lab

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The main goal of the Cyber Identity and Biometrics (CIB) lab is to promote advanced and inter disciplinary research on cyber identity, biometrics, machine learning, and data science.  The research activities in this lab are led by Dr. Kaushik Roy. 

Current Projects:

  • Computational Framework and Data Science for Identification
  • Intrusion Detection
  • IoT/IoBT Security
  • Presentation Attack Detection
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Adversarial Machine Learning
  • Periocular Authentication
  • DeepFake
  • Big Data Privacy and Security

Current Members (19)

  • Dr. Emmanuel Nuakoh (Research Associate, Topic: Cybersecurity [Oct 2020-] 
  • Shannon Brown (PhD Student, Topic: Presentation Attack Mitigation [Aug 2020-] 
  • Tony Gwyn (PhD Student, Topic: Smartphone authentication [Aug 2020-] 
  • Shaun Little (PhD Student, Topic: NLP for African Language) [Aug 2020-] 
  • Karen Schnell (PhD Student, Topic: Data Privacy) [Aug 2019-] 
  • Steve Chesney(PhD Candidate, Topic: IoBT Security) [Aug 2019-] 
  • Sultan Almalki(PhD Candidate, Topic: User Identification through Behavioral Biometrics) [Aug 2017-] 
  • John Jenkins (PhD Student, Topic: Anti-Spoofing using Deep Learning) [Aug 2018-]College and University Winner of Outstanding Junior GRA 2018 College and University Winner of Outstanding Thesis 2019  
  • Zhipeng (Stevie) Liu(PhD Student, Topic: Data Science Enabled Connected IoT/IoBT Devices) [July 2018-] College Winner of Rising Scholar 2019 
  • Ahmed Al Hamoud(PhD Student, Topic: Twitter data analytics--Sentiment analysis and Topic Modeling) [Aug 2016-] 
  • Ali Alwehaibi(PhD Student, Topic: Twitter data analytics--Sentiment analysis) [Jan 2017-] 
  • Niraj Thapa (PhD Student, Topic: Deep-learning framework for phos-phorylation site prediction) [Jan 2019-] 
  • Melodee Montgomery (PhD Student, Topic: Behavioral Biometrics and Privacy) [Aug 2017-July 2019] 
  • Sonya Burroughs (MS thesis, Topic: DeepFake) [Aug 2019-] 
  • Swetha Chittam (MS thesis, Topic: NLP and Big Data Analytics) [Aug 2020-] 
  • Addision Shaver (MS thesis, Topic: User Movement Analysis and IoBT) [July 2020-] 
  • Jordan Scott (Ugrad research, Topic: Data Privacy and Security) [Aug 2019-] 
  • Russell Mcllwain (Ugrad research, Topic: Smartphone Authentication) [Aug 2019-] 
  • Daniel Xie (Ugrad research, Topic: DeepFake) [June 2020-] 
  • Geoffrey Thrope (Ugrad research, Topic: Smart Car Security) [June 2020-] 
  • Previous Members

  • Rushit Dave (PhD Completed, Topic: Power Reduction and Prediction: An Android Application) [Jan 2018-June 2020] 
  • Prosenjit Chatterjee (PhD Completed, Topic: Iris and Face-based Presenation Attack Mitigation using Deep Learning) [June 2017-June 2020] 
  • Emmanuel Nuakoh (PhD Completed, Topic: Traffic Sign Recognition using Deep Learning) [June 2017-Oct 2019] 
  • Sara Althubiti(PhD Completed, Topic: Intrusion Detection Using LSTM and Autoencoders) [Aug 2016-June 2019, Received Department Grad RA award] 
  • Nawaf Awad(PhD Completed, Topic: Authentication based on dynamic password and swipe pattern) [Aug 2014-May 2017, Received Department Grad RA award] 
  • Dr. Pravin Chopade(Postdoc, Topic: Network Data Analytics) [Aug 2015-Dec 2016] 
  • Dr. Joseph Shelton(Postdoc, Topic: Mitigating Replay Attack) [Jan 2016-Jan 2017] 
  • Shannon Brown (MS thesis, Topic: Smart Vehicles-Traffic Sign Detection) [Aug 2018-June 2020] 
  • Melodee Montgomery (MS Thesis, Topic: Touch-based authentication using deep learning) [Aug 2017-July 2019] 
  • Ashkan Ghattan (MS Thesis, Topic: Drone-Based Face Recognition using Deep Learning) [Jan 2018-July 2019] 
  • John Jenkins (MS Thesis, Topic: Anti-Spoofing using Deep Learning) [Jan 2017-June 2018] 
  • [Received the outstanding junior researcher of the year 2018]
  • Dylan Gunn (MS Thesis, Topic: Cloud-LSTM for Active Authentication) [Aug 2016-July 2018] 
  • Anthony Dobson (MS Thesis, Topic: Apache Spark Framework for Intrusion Detection) [Aug 2017-July 2018] 
  • Christopher Kelley (MS Thesis, Topic: Authentication for wearable devices) [Jan 2017-July 2018] 
  • Mohammad AbdulWaheb (MS Project, Topic: Presentation Attacks Detection) [Jan 2020-June 2020] 
  • Pablo Arias(MS Project, Topic: Biometric antispoofing using deep learning) [Aug 2015-May 2017][Defended MS project, 2 published articles]
  • Shondale Rhodes (Ugrad research, Topic: Multimodal Deep Learning Model) [Aug 2019-Dec 2019] 
  • Jalen Moore (Ugrad research, Topic: Touch Analytics) [Aug 2019-Dec 2020] 
  • Christopher Lawson (Ugrad research, Topic: Author Identification) [Aug 2019-] 
  • Robert Mwaniki (Ugrad research, Topic: Periocular Authentication) [Jan 2018-] 
  • Sarah Aljbali (MS, Topic: Adversarial Machine Learning) [June 2018-May 2019] 
  • Thomas Danner (Ugrad research, Topic: Drone-Based Authentication) [Jan 2019-Dec 2020] 
  • Austin Washington (Ugrad research, Topic: Periocular Authentication) [Jan 2018-Dec 2018] 
  • Anthony Saqwan (Ugrad research, Topic: Periocular Authentication) [Jan 2018-Dec 2018] 
  • Eric Jones (Ugrad research (REU), Topic: Anomaly Detection) [June 2018-Aug 2018] 
  • Alexander Yalcin (Ugrad research (REU), Topic: Presentation Attack Detection) [June 2018-July 2018] 
  • Shayla Jadae Baldwin(Ugrad research (REU), Topic: Presentation Attack Detection) [June 2018-July 2018] 
  • Avery Bridges(MS, Topic: Community Detection) [May 2016-Aug 2016] 
  • Brandon Long (Ugrad research, Topic: Anti-spoofing) [Jan 2018-May 2018] 
  • Muhammad Hanan (Ugrad research, Topic: Browser Behaviour detection) [Jan 2018-May 2018] 
  • William Leingang (Ugrad, Topic: Touch dynamics--NSF REU Student) [May 2017-Aug 2017]
  • Deborah Lawrence(Ugrad, Topic: CNN-based anti-spoofing--NSF REU Student) [May 2017-Aug 2017]
  • Berry Spencer(Ugrad, Topic: CNN-based anti-spoofing--NSF REU Student) [May 2017-Aug 2017]
  • Ye Seon Lee(Ugrad, Topic: Touch dynamics using deep learning--NSF REU Student) [May 2016-Aug 2016]
  • William Hetchily(Ugrad, Topic: Touch dynamics using artificial immune system--NSF REU Student) [May 2016-Aug 2016]
  • Joel Bloch(Ugrad, Topic: Author Identification--NSF REU Student) [May 2015-Aug 2015]
  • Alex Sumner(Ugrad, Topic: Biometric based Replay Attack--NSF REU Student) [May 2015-Aug 2015]
  • Foysal Ahmed (MS Thesis, Topic: Game Theory for Multispectral Iris,Flywing Biometrics) [Aug 2013-July 2014] [8 published articles]Completed
  • Khary Popplewell (MS,Topic: Multispectral Iris Recognition) [3 published Papers]
  • Shiva Shata Ainala Reddy [Aug 2014-](MS Project, Big Data)[1 accepted paper] Completed
  • Brian O'Connor (Ugrad, Topic: Nonideal Iris Recognition) [Jan 2013-May 2014][8 published articles]Completed
  • Timothy Harmon (Ugrad research, Topic:Authentication and Deep Learning) [Jan 2019-May 15 2019] 
  • Meenakshi Singh (Early College, Topic: Augmented Identity) [Aug 2018-May 2019] 
  • Deriech Cummings (Ugrad research, Topic:Spooging Attacks) [June 2019-July 2019] 
  • Adam Deebs (Ugrad research, Topic:Flying Drone) [June 2019-July 2019] 
  • Daniel Xie (Early College, Topic: Smart Car) [May 2019-July 2019] 

  • Contact us:

    Cyber Identity and Biometrics Lab
    Graham Hall 209
    North Carolian A&T State University
    1601 E. Market Street
    Greensboro, NC 27411